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Quotes Today 5/7/16 we took a concealed carry class with Chad!! Would I take it a million times over? Yes! I was so skeptical because of the lack of experience I had but he literally works with everybody! He keeps things fun & is just so realistic!! Great class! Great guy! Would recommend to anybody!! Quotes
Corey & Amanda
Satisfied couple!!

Quotes I have held Concealed Carry permits from Utah, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and have taken many of these classes. In addition, I am an NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, having taught concealed carry classes in Utah and Michigan. It is with some degree of experience that I can state that Chad's class today was the most enlightening and entertaining class I've experienced. Chad's light hearted approach to a deadly serious subject made the class enjoyable and stimulating. Chad's knowledge of the law coupled with his practical experience as an LEO uniquely positions him to provide a comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the subject matter. His easy going approach makes the students feel at ease, and allows them to perform at their best. Thanks Chad for a great class. Quotes
Robert Carr
MSgt, USAF, Ret.

Quotes I took Chad's class because I wanted to be prepared if I was ever faced with having to protect my son or myself if ever home alone. I wanted to know what was legal and what my options were. Chad was very very knowledgeable, down to earth, patient and really made sure I understood everything. I recommend that everyone take HIS class. Thanks Chad! Quotes
Janie Latta
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I took the Concealed Carry Class on 2/2/13 and I had a great time. Chad made it very fun and entertaining; the class flew by. He does a great job presenting the information you need on the laws of carrying & when deadly force is reasonable & so on and his stories of on-the-job encounters were interesting as well. So if you are looking to get a concealed carry permit and learn some great info, this is the way to go. Money well spent, the class flies by, and it's an all around great experience. Looking forward to possibly taking the Tactical class. Quotes
Evan Wilbourne
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Me and my wife, along with several family members attended Chad's class on Feb. 2nd 2013. All I can say is "money well spent". A record setting class of 93 people and everything ran smoothly. Everyone with a question or concern got a very clear detailed answer, and I saw lots of time spent on the range helping people of various skill levels do their best. The class was actually fun, and eye opening. I would encourage anyone who is interested to go see Chad. I am much more confident in my ability to properly access a situation and react within the laws to defend myself and family. I feel I can trust the instruction more since it is being taught by local law enforcement members, not some random guy doing it on the weekend for extra cash. Thank you Chad for giving me and my family a valuable service and solid field proven advice that we can use to better protect ourselves. Quotes
Chris Buchanan
Satisfied Customer

Quotes My brother-in-law took a concealed weapons class in Ohio and described it to me as "boring legal stuff". Believe me when I tell you this class was anything but boring. Chad includes some real life videos and slide shows that drive home his points and they are the type you will be talking about at work on Monday. I could tell Chad has sharpened this class over time and he knows how to make all the legal stuff interesting and easy to learn. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to properly shoot a gun and learn your legal rights from a man that most definitely has real world experience . Thank you Chad! Quotes
Rodney Shaw

Quotes Very informative class, well worth the time and money. Chad and the other two officers were great,if you want a concealed permit, this is the ONLY way to go. I would recommend this class to everyone, I learnt a great deal about guns , how to use them correctly and the laws concerning concealed carry. Well done to all concerned. Quotes
John Tovey
Very Satisfied participant

Quotes My wife and I took Chad's Jan 2013 class and were very pleased with the instruction. He did a great job of making the class interesting and funny. I would highly recommend the class to anyone from novice to veteran. Quotes
Matt Shaw
Satisfied customer

Quotes I took the class on Dec. 1st, 2012. I saw other comments that the day flies by and it does. Chad does a awesome job teaching the course. Many thanks to him, his daughter, and the others that helped out during the day. Keep up the great work! Quotes
Doug Mount
Great Class

Quotes I attended this class today, and I will highly recommend this class to everyone I know. Yes it is an all day class but time does fly by. It is a great class to go to if you want to be educated about firearms and safety. I am female and not at one time did I feel that i was left out in any way by Chad or the other instructors there(yes I have been talked over at a gun shop before).This class was fun and a need to go to for ALL females! Quotes
Jordan Summers
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