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Quotes I have had my concealed carry permit for seven years. The instructions that Chad gave us was far and above the earlier training I had received. I feel I got much more indept training on handling a firearm. I give Chad an A+ for his training program. Quotes
Bob Norton

Quotes Great Class! I have had an opportunity over the years to be in many such classes. But rarely get the chance to really stay excited and enjoy the class once it begins. I have been told by people I know in other counties that the class had the potential to be very boring. Chad made this course exciting and very enjoyable the entire day. I believe he was able to engage everyone in the class of 19 which in my opinion is commendable. I believe with Chads' experience in handguns and shooting made it very easy for him to approach all levels of shooters in the class and make them more comfortable and confident with the weapons they were using. I would recommend this class to everyone. Quotes
Satisfied Chad Coffey Student.

Quotes I was nervous at taking this class, but Chad made me feel comfortable. Chad is a great teacher he makes it very clear on what you need to know and how it all goes. He takes out time to answer any questions you may have. I now have a better understanding of protection and the use and carrying of a handgun. I highly recommend this class to everyone. Thank You Chad. Quotes
Melissa Gilmore
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I took the class and had a great time. I was very nervous in the beginning but Chad really did a great job on making sure you became comfortable as the class went along. Chad takes his teaching of the class very serious because it is very important to him that you learn everything possible when it comes to handling a gun. I was very pleased and would reccomend his class to all who want to get their conceal weapon training Thanks Chad for a great time!!! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I really enjoyed the class. I have been shooting guns all my life and not only walked away with my certificate needed to obtain my concealed permit, I walked away a better shooter. Chad not only teaches you the material needed for getting certified he teaches basic self defense, and different shooting styles. Chad has a great personality and made the class fun, it's always easy to learn new material when it's in an enjoyable atmosphere. I would highly recommend this class. Quotes
Kristen J
Satisfied Customer
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