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Quotes This class was exceptional. It was a great learning experience and there was never a dull moment. Chad has the unique ability to teach the material in this class in a manner that is easily understood by using real life examples. I highly recommend it! Quotes
Bobby Talley
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I took the Concealed Carry Handgun Training course Sat. 9 - 5 tought by Chad Coffey. He was great at what he does ! He kept it "interesting" There were 29 of us and a 1/4 were women. It didn't matter about your experience level. Everyone was pleased and had a chance to shoot at the Granville County firing range. He has this class the 1st saturday of every month. Everyone needs to do this!!! Quotes
Louis Sachs

Quotes My wife and I just attended the November 5th Concealed Carry Handgun Training class. The make up of the class was quite diverse, but Chad has a teaching style that makes everyone feel comfortable being in class and is very thorough in explaining the safety techniques that are necessary. Given the number of various venues available for taking this required course, you will not find a better instructor than Chad Coffey. Quotes
Dennis and Leena
Satisfied Student

Quotes I just completed Chad's course. I had not fired a weapon over 10 times when I took the class. When we headed to the range, I told my husband I wasn't going to shoot. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't want to embarrass myself. But I did shoot. Chad and the other instructors took the time to work with me and despite my nervousness and poor skill level, I qualified. I would recommend Chad's course to anyone, especially ladies who are uncomfortable with handguns. I wasn't; now I want to go shoot. Thanks, Chad Quotes
Diane Slaton
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes As someone with 8 years in the U.S. Army and over 30 years firing weapons I found the class to be interesting and informative from start to finish. Mr Coffey uses memorable examples to make sure you remember the point and he is obviously very enthusiastic about gun safety and home/personal defense. I highly recommend Mr Coffey's class to anyone interested in becoming better and more comfortable with shooting in general and protecting yourself and your family in particular. I was challenged to try different shooting methods and improved my ability to handle my weapon. Thank you Mr. Coffey. Quotes
David Nelson
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Great professional and informative class by Mr. Coffey. He keeps the students motivated and has great hands on teaching on the range itself. Will offer his class to all my friends. Keep up the great work. Quotes
Andre B. Bagby
Concealed Carry Weapon Holder

Quotes I went to Chad's canceal carry class. It was very informative and yes you get what you pay for. Chad gave everybody plenty of time to ask questions and gave clear and precise answer. When I left his class i felt more confident when it comes to protecting my family and myself. Thanks Chad Coffey Quotes
Barry howard

Quotes Awesome class. Chad intersperses information with humor effortlessly. The time flies by and you walk away with tons of information. I've only shot maybe 20 rounds in my whole life until this class. By the end of the day I was comfortable with hand guns and knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to them. I'd highly recommend this class even if you do not intend to obtain a CC permit or ever carry a concealed weapon. The education value is worth it alone! Quotes
Tony Hayden
Couldn't be more pleased!

Quotes I went through this about two years ago. I am so glad that I took the class from Sgt. Coffey. He did an excellent job of explaining all the important material and kept the class entertained and focused. There are serious parts that have no room for humor and that is understood. Sgt. Coffey is really one of the best instructors I have ever had. The two best classes I have attended in my life are: 1. Real Estate Agent/Broker (I'm neither. I just took the class to learn) 2. Sgt. Coffey's concealed carry class. These two classes are more informative and better than anything I took in college. Quotes
Jeff Weaver
Best class ever

Quotes I took the class on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2016. Not knowing what to expect, I was a little nervous. When Mr. Coffey introduced himself and explained how the class would be structured, I began to feel at ease. I was expected a boring class on a Saturday and to my surprise, I was an informative and exciting class! I learned so much...it was amazing! The class was so much fun, I didn't realize how quickly the time went by. Mr. Coffey was energetic which kept me awake and eager to learn more. I would highly recommend this course with Mr. Coffey. It was an amazing experience! A huge Thank you to Mr. Coffey! Quotes
Linda Jordon
Awesome Class!
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