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Quotes Great class! Not only was this class very informative but enjoyable. I didn?t want to take a full Saturday for a class but Chad was great, I really enjoyed it, and time flew. It ended up being a great Saturday and time well spent. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This class can be helpful to not just those looking to conceal, but gun safety and NC law information. Quotes
Roxann Kingree
So glad I took this class!

Quotes I had the pleasure and fortune to attend SGT. Coffey's CCW training class in Jan 2016. I was completely blown away by the level of knowledge and on hand experiences he brought to the table. I'm in a wheelchair and his staff and he provided not only a relaxing and informative class but made my training very accessible. I tell anyone interested in getting the best CCW training second to none, as well as the dedication to perfection take this course. Cliff Quotes
Cliff Sanders

Quotes This is a great class. The whole layout was interesting and interactive. There's a relaxed vibe to this class, making it easy to learn. I'm so glad that I chose to take this class! Chad is an awesome instructor. Quotes
Christopher Hayes
Satisfied student

Quotes Chad delivers the CC material in a clear and captivating presentation born out of his experience in law enforcement. This was a refresher for my wife and me. We have been shooting long guns and hand guns for years. But we're not experts. Chad and his team filled in the gaps for us and gave us a superior informational experience. Thanks Quotes
JK Shearon

Quotes Just completed Chad's concealed carry class 1/2/16 and it was great! He kept everyone's attention by making it very entertaining with his stories of real life scenarios to help explain laws. He makes it comfortable for beginners as well, like me, to feel more relaxed and not a nervous wreck like I was. I would definitely recommend Chad's concealed carry class to anyone showing interest! Quotes
Courtney Laughner
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Thoroughly enjoyed the class. It had just the right amount of humor and easiness for any person with different experiences to feel comfortable and address a serious topic. The educating portion was thorough and very informative and the range portion was engaging and quite safe. No one should feel like that can't ask any question at any time. I would recommend this class to anybody who is considering a conceal permit. Quotes
Deane Laughner
Satisfied customer

Quotes I attended the 02Jan2016 class. The class was phenomenal. Having attended multiple NRA courses in other counties, Chad is without question the best fire arms instructor in North Carolina. I was impressed with how Chad makes his classes highly interactive and engaging. The class is filled with real life examples from Chad?s extensive experience which make the laws applicable and easy to understand. I most enjoyed Chads sense of humor. Who knew a conceal carry class could actually be so much fun?! I thoroughly recommend the Coffey Conceal Carry Class. Quotes
Satisfied Attendee

Quotes I took Chad's class on 11/7/15 and it lived up to every word I've read and been told. The class was taught with real instances and illustrations to ensure you understood. He takes his teaching very serious and you can tell it's very near and dear to his heart to empower the people to protect themselves if the time should arise. Even at the shooting range he took a one on one interest. I drove 3 1/2 hours to take this course and would have driven further. That's how good he is at what he does. I will recommend his class to everyone I know and let them know it's well worth the drive. Thank you Chad!!! Annie Collins Extremely Satisfied Customer Quotes
Annie Collins

Quotes Attending Chad's Nov. 7, 2015 class was an exhilarating and information-packed day! Chad's style of presentation coupled with his skill, knowledge and passion for the subject matter kept me captivated all day. It was a pleasure to be taught by someone who actually knows what he is talking about and not just reading lines from a book. His instructions were clear and concise. His illustrations and humor added emphasis to his teaching. You will love this class! THE BEST!! Quotes
Shirley Hutchison
Wisdom Seeker

Quotes My daughter & son-in-law took Chad?s class a few years ago & referred me then. With very little knowledge of guns & next to no shooting experience I kept putting off taking the class. I was that intimidated beginner. Chad?s method of instruction put to that to rest from the get go!! He?s very engaging with the students & makes a very serious class fun. Chad?s class is conducted with legal, but practical every day life situations you might find yourself in. He?s very helpful & patient with the skilled test with safety being #1. I would HIGHLY recommend Chad?s class!!! Quotes
Sue Jennings
Sales Rep
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