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Quotes Chad is a incredible instructor. He provides real life experiences and knowledge in his class and makes aforementioned class entertaining. The day seemed to fly by, and at no point was I bored. I will be taking his tactical class A.S.A.P. He knows his stuff, and was extremely helpful in answering any question brought up. I'f you are searching for a quality concealed carry class, then look no further, you found it. Thank you very much. Quotes
Dusty Carden
Another sheep dog

Quotes I attended Chad's class on 2/7/15 and I had no idea what was in store for me. As others have said, Chad's class is supremely informative and entertaining as well. Chad's teaching style is energetic, interspersed with humor and interesting stories about law enforcement episodes. I feel I carried a lot of new found knowledge about self-defense out of this class. This was the best Saturday I have had in a long time. He even lent me a pistol to use in the target range segment. The registration process was super easy. Even if I didn't get a certificate, the class was well worth the money. I may do it again, just for the experience! Quotes
Pat Regan
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I would highly recommend Chad Coffey class to anyone. It was very informative, and it covered all aspects for the concealed weapon's permit. Very professional and taught by a person with actual knowledge of the law. Took the course on January 3, 2014 Quotes
uffe Jensen

Quotes I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed this class. Chad is a phenomenal instructor. I was a little nervous about the class, but he quickly makes you feel at ease. You get a lot of information but the presentation is so great that you do not feel overwhelmed. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. Can't wait to take one of your other classes! Quotes
Lori Burney

Quotes What a terrific class! It was entertaining and informative and a lot of information was packed into a one-day session. I would (and have) recommended this class to anyone who wants to know more about firearms in general, not just for the Conceal and Carry Certificate. Quotes

Quotes Attended the class on 10/04/2014. I had no experience firing a pistol, or of the conceal law. Chad presented a thorough class on the details of the NC law, safety aspects of handling a pistol, and range instruction. Even if you do not have a background in pistols, I highly recommend Chad's class if you are looking for pistol safety, mechanical aspects of pistols and a good understanding of the concealed carry law (what the law requires and what your responsibility is as a carrier of a concealed handgun). 100% recommendation. Quotes
Gary Hall
Inexperienced class participant

Quotes I was told by my uncle whom is a LT for the Franklin PD to come here. I learned so much concerning NC LAW'S and the class was very informative. I would recommend anybody to Chad`s class it was about 21 people in our class and I know everyone of us walked out satisfied. Keep up the good work Chad... June 7th 2014 Joshua Person Quotes
Joshua Person
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Drove all the way from Greenville NC to take class. Down to earth and knows what he's talkin about! Quotes
Frank Quinto
Look no further for a CC class

Quotes I took Chad's concealed-carry class on Saturday, April 5, 2014 and was most satisfied with the class content and Chad's presentations. Chad is an excellent instructor and filled the whole day with information in a relaxed classroom. I was totally satisfied with the class and felt that I gained good knowledge and information to serve me in the future. The range qualification was fun, yet challenging. I enjoyed this part of the training. Chad and his assistant were excellent with all the students, regardless of their experience level. Overall, I'd rate Chad Coffey's Concealed Carry Handgun Training to be top-notch! And, I hope to enhance my skills with another of his classes soon. Quotes
Dave Parrish
Very Satisfied CC Student

Quotes I took Chad's class on 03/08/2014. This was the all ladies class. My husband has been trying to get me to take the class for over a year and I am so glad that I took the time to go. I was really nervous about taking the class, but I am really glad I did. I learned alot. Chad is passionate about guns and gun laws. He wants to make sure that people know and understand the Safe way to handle a firearm. He makes that class fun and entertaining! I highly reccommend taking his class. Quotes
Laura Munn
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