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[email protected]

Today 5/7/16 we took a concealed carry class with Chad!! Would I take it a million times over? Yes! I was so skeptical because of the lack of experience I had but he literally works with everybody! He keeps things fun & is just so realistic!! Great class! Great guy! Would recommend to anybody!!

Corey & Amanda

Satisfied couple!!

I have held Concealed Carry permits from Utah, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and have taken many of these classes. In addition, I am an NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, having taught concealed carry classes in Utah and Michigan. It is with some degree of experience that I can state that Chad's class today was the most enlightening and entertaining class I've experienced. Chad's light hearted approach to a deadly serious subject made the class enjoyable and stimulating. Chad's knowledge of the law coupled with his practical experience as an LEO uniquely positions him to provide a comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the subject matter. His easy going approach makes the students feel at ease, and allows them to perform at their best. Thanks Chad for a great class.

Robert Carr

MSgt, USAF, Ret.

I took Chad's class because I wanted to be prepared if I was ever faced with having to protect my son or myself if ever home alone. I wanted to know what was legal and what my options were. Chad was very very knowledgeable, down to earth, patient and really made sure I understood everything. I recommend that everyone take HIS class. Thanks Chad!

Janie Latta

Satisfied Mom

I took the Concealed Carry Class on 2/2/13 and I had a great time. Chad made it very fun and entertaining; the class flew by. He does a great job presenting the information you need on the laws of carrying & when deadly force is reasonable & so on and his stories of on-the-job encounters were interesting as well. So if you are looking to get a concealed carry permit and learn some great info, this is the way to go. Money well spent, the class flies by, and it's an all around great experience. Looking forward to possibly taking the Tactical class.

Evan Wilbourne

Satisfied Customer

Me and my wife, along with several family members attended Chad's class on Feb. 2nd 2013. All I can say is "money well spent". A record setting class of 93 people and everything ran smoothly. Everyone with a question or concern got a very clear detailed answer, and I saw lots of time spent on the range helping people of various skill levels do their best. The class was actually fun, and eye opening. I would encourage anyone who is interested to go see Chad. I am much more confident in my ability to properly access a situation and react within the laws to defend myself and family. I feel I can trust the instruction more since it is being taught by local law enforcement members, not some random guy doing it on the weekend for extra cash. Thank you Chad for giving me and my family a valuable service and solid field proven advice that we can use to better protect ourselves.

Chris Buchanan

Satisfied Customer

My brother-in-law took a concealed weapons class in Ohio and described it to me as "boring legal stuff". Believe me when I tell you this class was anything but boring. Chad includes some real life videos and slide shows that drive home his points and they are the type you will be talking about at work on Monday. I could tell Chad has sharpened this class over time and he knows how to make all the legal stuff interesting and easy to learn. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to properly shoot a gun and learn your legal rights from a man that most definitely has real world experience . Thank you Chad!

Rodney Shaw

Very informative class, well worth the time and money. Chad and the other two officers were great,if you want a concealed permit, this is the ONLY way to go. I would recommend this class to everyone, I learnt a great deal about guns , how to use them correctly and the laws concerning concealed carry. Well done to all concerned.

John Tovey

Very Satisfied participant

My wife and I took Chad's Jan 2013 class and were very pleased with the instruction. He did a great job of making the class interesting and funny. I would highly recommend the class to anyone from novice to veteran.

Matt Shaw

Satisfied customer

I took the class on Dec. 1st, 2012. I saw other comments that the day flies by and it does. Chad does a awesome job teaching the course. Many thanks to him, his daughter, and the others that helped out during the day. Keep up the great work!

Doug Mount

Great Class

I attended this class today, and I will highly recommend this class to everyone I know. Yes it is an all day class but time does fly by. It is a great class to go to if you want to be educated about firearms and safety. I am female and not at one time did I feel that i was left out in any way by Chad or the other instructors there(yes I have been talked over at a gun shop before).This class was fun and a need to go to for ALL females!

Jordan Summers


I attended Chad's class a couple of weeks ago. I'll be honest, I was dreading the class. I didn't think I had time to sit in a class all day about guns. I was only there because my husband kept insisting upon it. Chad made the class very interesting and fun. When we got to the range, I was extremely nervous because I'm not comfortable with guns. I wanted to quit and not complete that part of the course. But Chad, (very nicely) wouldn't let me. He stood with me and helped me become more comofortable with shooting. I am glad that I took this course under him. Thanks Chad you did a wonderful job. I have already recommended you to some of our friends. I'm sure we will be taking more classes with you in the future.

Amanda Watkins

Satisfied Customer

Exceeded my expectations. Chad taught class is such a way that my nervousness was immediately dispelled. Was so good I'm going to get my wife, who is less receptive to gun ownership, to take class and hopefully change her mindset on gun ownership.



I took this class this past weekend (May 5) and I absolutely LOVED it!!! There was never a dull moment. I learned so much from Chad. I am going to sign up for another class soon and my son will be taking it with me as well. It is money well spent! I could go on and on about how great this class was! Thanks Chad (and Niles)!

Karen "Kay Jay" Jones

This class was exceptional. It was a great learning experience and there was never a dull moment. Chad has the unique ability to teach the material in this class in a manner that is easily understood by using real life examples. I highly recommend it!

Bobby Talley

Satisfied Customer

I took the Concealed Carry Handgun Training course Sat. 9 - 5 tought by Chad Coffey. He was great at what he does ! He kept it "interesting" There were 29 of us and a 1/4 were women. It didn't matter about your experience level. Everyone was pleased and had a chance to shoot at the Granville County firing range. He has this class the 1st saturday of every month. Everyone needs to do this!!!

Louis Sachs

My wife and I just attended the November 5th Concealed Carry Handgun Training class. The make up of the class was quite diverse, but Chad has a teaching style that makes everyone feel comfortable being in class and is very thorough in explaining the safety techniques that are necessary. Given the number of various venues available for taking this required course, you will not find a better instructor than Chad Coffey.

Dennis and Leena

Satisfied Student

I just completed Chad's course. I had not fired a weapon over 10 times when I took the class. When we headed to the range, I told my husband I wasn't going to shoot. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't want to embarrass myself. But I did shoot. Chad and the other instructors took the time to work with me and despite my nervousness and poor skill level, I qualified. I would recommend Chad's course to anyone, especially ladies who are uncomfortable with handguns. I wasn't; now I want to go shoot. Thanks, Chad

Diane Slaton

Very Satisfied Customer

As someone with 8 years in the U.S. Army and over 30 years firing weapons I found the class to be interesting and informative from start to finish. Mr Coffey uses memorable examples to make sure you remember the point and he is obviously very enthusiastic about gun safety and home/personal defense. I highly recommend Mr Coffey's class to anyone interested in becoming better and more comfortable with shooting in general and protecting yourself and your family in particular. I was challenged to try different shooting methods and improved my ability to handle my weapon. Thank you Mr. Coffey.

David Nelson

Satisfied Customer

I just completed the Concealed class and as Police Officer from Virginia I left the class feeling very confident about the NC firearm laws. Chad?s method of instruction was very solid and easy for people of all levels to understand. I have been a FA instructor for 20yrs and I will be sending my wife and neighbors to Chad?s class. I highly recommend his class.


30yr LEO

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My sweetie and i took the concealed carry class for christmas. Our class had every age range, male and female, beginner to life long gun owners. The class was interesting, informative, and fun. For everyone. I was amazed at how fast the day flew by. I would gladly send my daughters and friends for one of his classes.

Denise Moss

Great professional and informative class by Mr. Coffey. He keeps the students motivated and has great hands on teaching on the range itself. Will offer his class to all my friends. Keep up the great work.

Andre B. Bagby

Concealed Carry Weapon Holder

I went to Chad's canceal carry class. It was very informative and yes you get what you pay for. Chad gave everybody plenty of time to ask questions and gave clear and precise answer. When I left his class i felt more confident when it comes to protecting my family and myself. Thanks Chad Coffey

Barry howard

Awesome class. Chad intersperses information with humor effortlessly. The time flies by and you walk away with tons of information. I've only shot maybe 20 rounds in my whole life until this class. By the end of the day I was comfortable with hand guns and knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to them. I'd highly recommend this class even if you do not intend to obtain a CC permit or ever carry a concealed weapon. The education value is worth it alone!

Tony Hayden

Couldn't be more pleased!

I went through this about two years ago. I am so glad that I took the class from Sgt. Coffey. He did an excellent job of explaining all the important material and kept the class entertained and focused. There are serious parts that have no room for humor and that is understood. Sgt. Coffey is really one of the best instructors I have ever had. The two best classes I have attended in my life are: 1. Real Estate Agent/Broker (I'm neither. I just took the class to learn) 2. Sgt. Coffey's concealed carry class. These two classes are more informative and better than anything I took in college.

Jeff Weaver

Best class ever

I took the class on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2016. Not knowing what to expect, I was a little nervous. When Mr. Coffey introduced himself and explained how the class would be structured, I began to feel at ease. I was expected a boring class on a Saturday and to my surprise, I was an informative and exciting class! I learned so was amazing! The class was so much fun, I didn't realize how quickly the time went by. Mr. Coffey was energetic which kept me awake and eager to learn more. I would highly recommend this course with Mr. Coffey. It was an amazing experience! A huge Thank you to Mr. Coffey!

Linda Jordon

Awesome Class!

Great class! Not only was this class very informative but enjoyable. I didn?t want to take a full Saturday for a class but Chad was great, I really enjoyed it, and time flew. It ended up being a great Saturday and time well spent. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This class can be helpful to not just those looking to conceal, but gun safety and NC law information.

Roxann Kingree

So glad I took this class!

I had the pleasure and fortune to attend SGT. Coffey's CCW training class in Jan 2016. I was completely blown away by the level of knowledge and on hand experiences he brought to the table. I'm in a wheelchair and his staff and he provided not only a relaxing and informative class but made my training very accessible. I tell anyone interested in getting the best CCW training second to none, as well as the dedication to perfection take this course. Cliff

Cliff Sanders

This is a great class. The whole layout was interesting and interactive. There's a relaxed vibe to this class, making it easy to learn. I'm so glad that I chose to take this class! Chad is an awesome instructor.

Christopher Hayes

Satisfied student

Chad delivers the CC material in a clear and captivating presentation born out of his experience in law enforcement. This was a refresher for my wife and me. We have been shooting long guns and hand guns for years. But we're not experts. Chad and his team filled in the gaps for us and gave us a superior informational experience. Thanks

JK Shearon

Just completed Chad's concealed carry class 1/2/16 and it was great! He kept everyone's attention by making it very entertaining with his stories of real life scenarios to help explain laws. He makes it comfortable for beginners as well, like me, to feel more relaxed and not a nervous wreck like I was. I would definitely recommend Chad's concealed carry class to anyone showing interest!

Courtney Laughner

Satisfied Customer

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. It had just the right amount of humor and easiness for any person with different experiences to feel comfortable and address a serious topic. The educating portion was thorough and very informative and the range portion was engaging and quite safe. No one should feel like that can't ask any question at any time. I would recommend this class to anybody who is considering a conceal permit.

Deane Laughner

Satisfied customer

I attended the 02Jan2016 class. The class was phenomenal. Having attended multiple NRA courses in other counties, Chad is without question the best fire arms instructor in North Carolina. I was impressed with how Chad makes his classes highly interactive and engaging. The class is filled with real life examples from Chad?s extensive experience which make the laws applicable and easy to understand. I most enjoyed Chads sense of humor. Who knew a conceal carry class could actually be so much fun?! I thoroughly recommend the Coffey Conceal Carry Class.


Satisfied Attendee

I took Chad's class on 11/7/15 and it lived up to every word I've read and been told. The class was taught with real instances and illustrations to ensure you understood. He takes his teaching very serious and you can tell it's very near and dear to his heart to empower the people to protect themselves if the time should arise. Even at the shooting range he took a one on one interest. I drove 3 1/2 hours to take this course and would have driven further. That's how good he is at what he does. I will recommend his class to everyone I know and let them know it's well worth the drive. Thank you Chad!!! Annie Collins Extremely Satisfied Customer

Annie Collins

Attending Chad's Nov. 7, 2015 class was an exhilarating and information-packed day! Chad's style of presentation coupled with his skill, knowledge and passion for the subject matter kept me captivated all day. It was a pleasure to be taught by someone who actually knows what he is talking about and not just reading lines from a book. His instructions were clear and concise. His illustrations and humor added emphasis to his teaching. You will love this class! THE BEST!!

Shirley Hutchison

Wisdom Seeker

My daughter & son-in-law took Chad?s class a few years ago & referred me then. With very little knowledge of guns & next to no shooting experience I kept putting off taking the class. I was that intimidated beginner. Chad?s method of instruction put to that to rest from the get go!! He?s very engaging with the students & makes a very serious class fun. Chad?s class is conducted with legal, but practical every day life situations you might find yourself in. He?s very helpful & patient with the skilled test with safety being #1. I would HIGHLY recommend Chad?s class!!!

Sue Jennings

Sales Rep

Chad is a incredible instructor. He provides real life experiences and knowledge in his class and makes aforementioned class entertaining. The day seemed to fly by, and at no point was I bored. I will be taking his tactical class A.S.A.P. He knows his stuff, and was extremely helpful in answering any question brought up. I'f you are searching for a quality concealed carry class, then look no further, you found it. Thank you very much.

Dusty Carden

Another sheep dog

I attended Chad's class on 2/7/15 and I had no idea what was in store for me. As others have said, Chad's class is supremely informative and entertaining as well. Chad's teaching style is energetic, interspersed with humor and interesting stories about law enforcement episodes. I feel I carried a lot of new found knowledge about self-defense out of this class. This was the best Saturday I have had in a long time. He even lent me a pistol to use in the target range segment. The registration process was super easy. Even if I didn't get a certificate, the class was well worth the money. I may do it again, just for the experience!

Pat Regan

Satisfied Customer

I would highly recommend Chad Coffey class to anyone. It was very informative, and it covered all aspects for the concealed weapon's permit. Very professional and taught by a person with actual knowledge of the law. Took the course on January 3, 2014

uffe Jensen


I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed this class. Chad is a phenomenal instructor. I was a little nervous about the class, but he quickly makes you feel at ease. You get a lot of information but the presentation is so great that you do not feel overwhelmed. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. Can't wait to take one of your other classes!

Lori Burney

What a terrific class! It was entertaining and informative and a lot of information was packed into a one-day session. I would (and have) recommended this class to anyone who wants to know more about firearms in general, not just for the Conceal and Carry Certificate.


Attended the class on 10/04/2014. I had no experience firing a pistol, or of the conceal law. Chad presented a thorough class on the details of the NC law, safety aspects of handling a pistol, and range instruction. Even if you do not have a background in pistols, I highly recommend Chad's class if you are looking for pistol safety, mechanical aspects of pistols and a good understanding of the concealed carry law (what the law requires and what your responsibility is as a carrier of a concealed handgun). 100% recommendation.

Gary Hall

Inexperienced class participant

I was told by my uncle whom is a LT for the Franklin PD to come here. I learned so much concerning NC LAW'S and the class was very informative. I would recommend anybody to Chad`s class it was about 21 people in our class and I know everyone of us walked out satisfied. Keep up the good work Chad... June 7th 2014 Joshua Person

Joshua Person

Satisfied Customer

Drove all the way from Greenville NC to take class. Down to earth and knows what he's talkin about!

Frank Quinto

Look no further for a CC class

I took Chad's concealed-carry class on Saturday, April 5, 2014 and was most satisfied with the class content and Chad's presentations. Chad is an excellent instructor and filled the whole day with information in a relaxed classroom. I was totally satisfied with the class and felt that I gained good knowledge and information to serve me in the future. The range qualification was fun, yet challenging. I enjoyed this part of the training. Chad and his assistant were excellent with all the students, regardless of their experience level. Overall, I'd rate Chad Coffey's Concealed Carry Handgun Training to be top-notch! And, I hope to enhance my skills with another of his classes soon.

Dave Parrish

Very Satisfied CC Student

I took Chad's class on 03/08/2014. This was the all ladies class. My husband has been trying to get me to take the class for over a year and I am so glad that I took the time to go. I was really nervous about taking the class, but I am really glad I did. I learned alot. Chad is passionate about guns and gun laws. He wants to make sure that people know and understand the Safe way to handle a firearm. He makes that class fun and entertaining! I highly reccommend taking his class.

Laura Munn


I took this class on 3-8-14 with a friend who wanted me to overcome my fear of guns. Having never shot a gun before I was extremely nervous. Very early into Chad's class I realized I couldn't have made a better decision. Chad's knowledge & experience immediately puts you at ease. He teaches you the laws you need to know as well as handling & shooting your gun. Chad also keeps the class interesting, upbeat & fun! The time goes by very quickly. I highly recommend to anyone considering getting their Concealed Carry Permit to take Chad's class. Just his knowledge & experience alone is worth it!

Kimberly Ferrell

Satisfied Customer

I took this class on 3-8-14 with a friend who wanted me to overcome my fear of guns. Having never shot a gun before I was extremely nervous. Very early into Chad's class I realized I couldn't have made a better decision. Chad's knowledge & experience immediately puts you at ease. He teaches you the laws you need to know as well as handling & shooting your gun. Chad also keeps the class interesting, upbeat & fun! The time goes by very quickly. I highly recommend to anyone considering getting their Concealed Carry Permit to take Chad's class. Just his knowledge & experience alone is worth it!

Kimberly Ferrell

Satisfied Customer

I took Chad's class today (03/08/2014) and had a blast. The time flew by and was filled with to the point information and humor. Great job! Thanks!

Marni Jackson

Satisfied Customer

Took the class July 13. Had a great time. Chad will keep your attention the full time of the class. When you leave the class you will be well prepared for Concealed Carry. Would recommend this class for pro and beginner.

Carroll Glasscock


After reading some of the testimonials, I drove all the way from Cumberland County just to take Chad's concealed carry class. The long drive was well worth it. Chad's method of instruction is both engaging and thought-provoking. He did a great job at bringing home the realities of using deadly force and unromanticizing the Hollywood idea of "one shot kills all". He did his best at answering all of our legal questions, and his tactical instruction of the safe handling and operation of a handgun was exceptional. So stop being a sheep and take the class!!

Julio Jimenez

Staff Sergeant, North Carolina Army National Guard

Chad Coffey is an excellent instructor. He is a true professional and is passionate about what he does. His fun personality makes the instruction even more interesting and Chad is very thorough in what he teaches. Never having held a weapon but once and never having shot one, I was extremely nervous about taking the concealed carry class. At the end of the day, I left with full confidence and a great amount of knowledge. I highly recommend Chad and his team.

Deb Cross

Extremely Satisfied Customer

I took Chad's all ladies class on March 9, 2013. It was very entertaining and I learned a lot about the Rules and Regulations concerning gun usage. I recommend it to all ladies. Chad is very informative and makes you feel very comfortable. The time went by very quick! and a big thank you for all of those who helped out on the Range. THANKS AGAIN!! :)

Cheryl Crews


Very simply put, Chad is a great instructor. I was in the February 2, 2013 class and was thoroughly educated and entertained. We had 90+ students and the class was still great. Thank you very much Chad and all the helping hands for a wonderful experience. Might I also add the cost is very reasonable compared to other classes out there. Thanks again.

David Caverly

Very happy

I took Chad's "Ladies Only" class on 3/9/2013. Before this class I had always been afraid of guns and did not want to be around them for any reason. Chad took extra time at the range and made sure I was comfortable with handling and firing the gun. The instruction time was great because he taught by using real-life examples that were easy to understand. You might think it is not worth spending your whole day taking this class, but I guarantee you will not regret it! This is a great class and I would recommend it to anyone, especially any female with any hesitation about having to use a gun! Coffey's Concealed Carry is the way to go! Thanks Chad!!


Very Satisfied Customer

I attended Chad's "Ladies Only Class" on March 9th, 2013 and had the best time I've had in a long time! Chad and his staff kept me laughing but at the same time kept me wanting to learn more and more. I would recommend this class to everyone, espeacially the ladies. This class was such a stress reliever! Thanks Chad!

Christina Evans

Satisfied Customer

I took the class and loved it. I was in a class with all females and I felt very comfortable. Chad made the class a fun and very worthwhile experience! I would recomend his class to anyone. Chad is a great person and he knows his stuff! :)

raven latta

I found the concealed carry course to be both informative and entertaining., and I would not hesitate to recommend it. You will not find a better example of capable professionals sharing valuable knowledge.

Ken Upright


We took the Feb. 2, 2013 class and it was very informative. We really enjoyed it. Everyone that was there assisting was very helpful. Cold as all get out, but it was fun. BAAAA WHO'S YA DADDY? !!!!!

Renee Mangum

The Mangums

What should have been a cumbersome class, Chad managed it like a champ. For a class of roughly 90 or so, Chad was very informative and interesting from start to finish. He took time to answer questions and present real world examples while keeping the class lighthearted and fun. He and his staff made sure to tend to everyone's needs, even with such a huge class. He even kept to his schedule of getting us out at 5 with a 100% pass rate. Like Chad says though, you don't want to be one of the sheep, baaaa!

Stephan Crum

Satisfied Customer

I just completed Chad's Concealed Carry course on 1/7/12. It was a great experience. Chad did a great job covering the legal aspects of carrying as well as safety concerns. I particularly liked his added instruction on safety and concern that he uses in thought process and technique when shooting. It was all done in a very formal yet fun manner. The day flew by. I would recommend this course for anyone considering a CCW.

Scott Lewis

Satisfied (soon to be) Carrier

My husband and I just took Chad's class January 7 and it was awesome! The whole day was interesting, informative, funny, and Chad kept our attention the whole time! I would say he is an excellent instructor and would recommend him over anyone! All questions were welcomed and I appreciate his patience in working with me! I am a beginner and he made me feel totally relaxed and confident! Yes! I did pass! Thank you Chad for making the day such a great learning experience and at the same time fun!! Audrey and Danny Currin

Audrey Currin

Took Chad's class and was very impressed with his teaching technique. Fun, interesting and very informative. Would highly recommend

Larry W

Regional Director NC Ducks Unlimited

I recently completed the conceal carry class and it was great. I would highly recommend Mr. Coffey to anyone considering the class.

Larry P


This class far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to obtain a conceal carry permit in North Carolina. It was a BLAST! (no pun intended...)

Kerri Wilhoite

I had a great learning experience at the class. The class was well run and well managed. The test for any learning situation is what do you remember when you get out the door. I have been quoting Chad all week. Thanks Chad

Peggy Johnson

Satisfied Nana

Chad is the ticket if you have any hesitancies about concealed carry.Class was fun and informative.You will not be disappointed.

Joel Callihan

Chad is a very good instructor, very informative, funny, a real enjoyable class to attend. I was very comfortable with the information and the range time. Chad is very patient with the unskilled. Even my wife qualified with his help and instruction. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for good training in CCW. It is well worth the cost. Great Class. Thanks Chad.

Walter Slaton

Very Satisfied Customer

The class was very informative, safe, fun and non-boring. Unlike my military training, I did not feel petrified being there. Coffey kept it simple, but safe. the class material and information lectured about on the laws was very easy to understand. I wish i can go back again for the shooting range. thank you.

Jenifer Jennett

Satisfied Customer

As a former Military Police with the 101st in the 70's and a Handgun Permit Carrier from another state, I would have to say I enjoyed Chad's course. It's always good to learn all aspects of CCH training and I truly enjoyed the class.

Kenneth Albers

Happy Camper

A friend told me about Mr Coffeys conceal and carry class. I attended the Feb 5th class. Mr coffey made the class informative and fun. He answered any questions we might have had. Chad gave valuable insights to why you should or shouldnt carry(P.S. DONT BE A SHEEP).He wants you to try different shooting styles so t you can see how the firearms handle. He makes sure that everyone attending the class was able to handle themselves and there firearm. I would highly recommend this class to any or all who are interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit THANK YOU Mr Coffey.

howard mauric limer 2


I took Chad's class on a cool rainy February day. Chad made the class fun, enjoyable and very informative. Chad worked with the brand new shooters in our class, some had never held a gun before muchless shot one. Chad took extra time with them to teach them to shoot safely and accurately. I will definately send people to Chad for future classes. Thanks Chad.

Craig P

Satisfied Customer

Chad thanks for the great job you did with Greater Joy class. It was the best, everyone left happy. Once again thank you. I will send more people your way.

anthony purnell

I have had my concealed carry permit for seven years. The instructions that Chad gave us was far and above the earlier training I had received. I feel I got much more indept training on handling a firearm. I give Chad an A+ for his training program.

Bob Norton

Great Class! I have had an opportunity over the years to be in many such classes. But rarely get the chance to really stay excited and enjoy the class once it begins. I have been told by people I know in other counties that the class had the potential to be very boring. Chad made this course exciting and very enjoyable the entire day. I believe he was able to engage everyone in the class of 19 which in my opinion is commendable. I believe with Chads' experience in handguns and shooting made it very easy for him to approach all levels of shooters in the class and make them more comfortable and confident with the weapons they were using. I would recommend this class to everyone.

Chris A.

Satisfied Chad Coffey Student.

I was nervous at taking this class, but Chad made me feel comfortable. Chad is a great teacher he makes it very clear on what you need to know and how it all goes. He takes out time to answer any questions you may have. I now have a better understanding of protection and the use and carrying of a handgun. I highly recommend this class to everyone. Thank You Chad.

Melissa Gilmore

Satisfied Customer

I took the class and had a great time. I was very nervous in the beginning but Chad really did a great job on making sure you became comfortable as the class went along. Chad takes his teaching of the class very serious because it is very important to him that you learn everything possible when it comes to handling a gun. I was very pleased and would reccomend his class to all who want to get their conceal weapon training Thanks Chad for a great time!!!


Satisfied Customer

I really enjoyed the class. I have been shooting guns all my life and not only walked away with my certificate needed to obtain my concealed permit, I walked away a better shooter. Chad not only teaches you the material needed for getting certified he teaches basic self defense, and different shooting styles. Chad has a great personality and made the class fun, it's always easy to learn new material when it's in an enjoyable atmosphere. I would highly recommend this class.

Kristen J

Satisfied Customer